Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ain't no SWINE FLU on me

swine flu, swine flu...ah a divine flu

by now it is common knowledge that the pandemic known fondly as swine flu originated within the studios of rapson hall. the reason? the cause? festering mold in studio sinks, multiple open compost bins, and desk drawers crammed with filthy abused tissues.

in their spare time, usually reserved for sleeping, the gold coasters discovered four cures for this pestilence. it took only one laughter filled, hair tussling, leap frogging, knife fighting night.
the cures in no particular order
-for the individual-
*eat one lb of bacon for every hour in a day
*keep a pig within five feet of you for two days
*teach a pig spanish, time to fluency will vary depending on the pig
-for a community-
*fill one newly built mixed use building to maximum occupancy with swine

the image above has not been digitally manipulated, machines get swine flu too.

you are welcome.

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