Sunday, April 5, 2009

Houses on stilts

Some of the recent projects from Architecture for Humanity and the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio (all within a couple blocks of each other). The higher houses reside in the lowest parts of Biloxi where FEMA mandated designs for base flood elevations 12' above grade. Our project will attempt to more deliberately program the at-grade space under the building.


  1. Has anyone even attempted to figure out an ADA-accessible version of these 12' houses? I know that all homes don't have to be ADA accessible, but what if there was an elderly or disabled person? 144' of ramp? Just wondering if that is a conversation topic down there at all...

    Also, more Judy quotes please!

  2. Actually, the one house shown (middle photo) has an elevator. It is a concern, though, since many of these houses are for the elderly. I would say if you install elevators in Biloxi, business should be good in the coming years.